I’m Emma Aquino-Nemecek, how can I help?

Are you in need of a certified court or medical language interpreter? I am able to help resource you with providers from an extensive list of countries.

My interest in politics has lead me to supporting various leaders in their political work. Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.

I help run a program for people who experience calamities and hardship called Caring Friends in Iowa. Please inquire for more information. 





“It’s nice to be Important, but it’s important to be nice.”
-John Templeton/Unknown

Iowa Advisor for the Commission on Civil Rights (2017-Present)
Election Volunteer Coordinator – National Rifle Association
Chair – National Federation of Filipino American Republicans
Adviser – National Federation of Filipino Americans- NaaFA
Member – Iowa Federation of Republican Women
Member – Johnson County Republican Women
Vice President – Five Seasons Republican Women
Member – Iowa Asian Alliance
Past President – All Nations Association
Past President – Cedar Rapids Fil-Am Association
Linn County Chair – Matthew Schultz for Secretary of State 2010 ( Elected )
2nd District Rep. for Pres. Candidate Sen. Sam Brownback ( 2008 )
2nd District Rep. for Pres. Candidate Sen. John McCain ( 2008 )
Northeast Field Director for Pres. Candidate Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ( 2011 )
Northeast Field Director for Pres. Candidate Dr. Ben Carson ( 2015-2016 )

Let’s Be Friends

When not at home in Mount Vernon, I’m working in politics and as a certified court and medical interpreter. This work has led me across Iowa and around the United States of America.

All of this has also lead me to a passion for helping others in crisis through Caring Friends in Iowa

Mostly, I’m just an Iowan girl looking to make a difference in the world one person at a time. I make people laugh, I speak my mind and I believe in strong friendships.

One of my favorite stories of moving from a well-populated city in the Philippines, where I was born and raised, to the quiet Iowa countryside is the day I watched my husband mowing our lawn.

I ran outside, shouting over the roar of the lawn mower, “Stop mowing the beautiful flowers!”

That was the day I learned that dandelions are considered weeds (don’t tell anyone that I still disagree).